Church Network Hub provides administrative support for churches and non-profits.  We bring seven years of experience working with church plants, new nonprofits and growing organizations. 


You don’t plant a church or start a nonprofit because you love paperwork and details.

You step out in faith because you see a need and sense a calling. The challenge is, those administrative duties are still there and can be a major distraction. Especially if it is not your gifting and you have limited time, people, resources, money and energy. Wouldn’t you prefer to put your time towards pursuing the vision God has given you rather than keeping up with paperwork?

Here are some of the benefits to using our services:

  • The organization receives the services of a full-time, highly skilled professional for the cost of a part-time employee with minimal skills.
  • Many times, faster growth is achieved earlier, giving the church plant critical momentum with which to break the small church barrier.
  • We can set-up and manage information systems, providing the pastor or leadership with critical information at the right time.
  • We can maintain financial and payroll records and produce required reports in a format that makes sense. We often observe trends or ask questions to highlight potential pitfalls before they happen.
  • Because we work with several organizations, we can research and supervise the implementation of cost-effective promotional and logistical solutions.
  • Pastors, evangelists, visionaries and creative worship leaders are freed to function in the areas of their giftedness rather than get distracted by details.
  • The Kingdom wins! 

Chris Brady

Lead Pastor at The Journey SF

“Brook and the Hub have been invaluable to me and the church! Their service has allowed me to concentrate my time and efforts on ministry while being secure in the knowledge that our back office is in trusted hands.”

Aaron Monts

Pastor at IKON Christian Community, San Francisco

“The Hub has freed me from the regular, monotonous tasks of accounting and payroll so that I can spend more time caring for people. This has helped to enhance the vision and implementation of that vision in our community.”

Scott Berglin

Lead Pastor at Rock Bible Church, Pleasanton, CA

“The Church Network Hub has been a blessing in many ways. We have had help with everything from start up paperwork to monthly maintenance. They have helped us with legal paperwork, finances, human resources, taxes, utilities, bill payment, and the list goes on! Our church runs more efficiently because of Brook and the Hub. Yours will too! Using the Hub is one of the best decisions we have made as a church.”

Tim Svoboda

Director at Youth With A Mission, San Francisco

“Church Network Hub continues to provide the professional, efficient and analytical financial services that we need in order to run our day to day operations. The staff at Church Network Hub not only provides professional services but they take a real interest in our ministries praying for us and encouraging us in our service in the Kingdom. Their work helps me to be confident that many of the financial and legal matters are being attended to in a timely and meticulous manner.”

“Hiring CHN has been one of the best decisions we’ve made as an organization. They have streamlined our financial process and set us on a good foundation for reporting and tracking of donations.” 

Jason Sowell

Founder and CEO of Current Initiatives