Client Story – Rock Bible Church

I met Scott Berglin in a living room in San Francisco. He had been working for churches for a while and was now feeling called to plant a church in his hometown of Pleasanton, CA. He had the passion and a core of committed people, but wasn’t sure where to start. Linda Bergquist, church planting strategist with his denomination, coached him through the starting process. It was several months later when he called me again, but at that point it was a go!

They officially launched on October 10, 2010. With the Church Network Hub, I got to walk him through his incorporation, filing with the state to be tax exempt, getting his systems in place to track donors, bills, etc. Eventually, the church was given an unused building near downtown, opening up an entire second set of issues with insurance, utilities, etc. They have added two new staff and the Hub has been there to develop the job descriptions and walk through the paperwork. They’ve also implemented a membership database system that helps their members interact more and integrate giving records with the rest of their membership system.

By working behind the scenes, I feel a part of what God is doing in Pleasanton. I’ve confronted new challenges with them and celebrated the ways God has provided. It certainly isn’t the same as being on staff with the church or part of it, but each time I’m posting donor records and praying for those members I feel as if I am a small part. This is the joy I get from this work. The Kingdom wins!