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Bookkeeping and payroll services that maintain all financial records so that each church or nonprofit can be good stewards of the resources that God has provided them. 
We handle every aspect of bookkeeping including invoicing, donor tracking, bill payment and reporting. Knowing the each organization is unique, we develop a custom solution that gets you the information you need in a way that makes sense for you and your team. We also keep you compliant with IRS and other state regulations as far as keeping records and communicating with donors, a critical aspect of any church or nonprofit. Our payroll services including direct deposit and tax filing and we have experience with the quirks of running church payroll. 
We use Quickbooks Online to manage your finances and keep them accessible to you and your church leaders. Using an online systems means you don’t have to worry about backup and your records are available whenever you want them. You can also see at any point the work we are posting and if you get to the point where you don’t need our services any more, you have full access to your data. 
General office management that gives pastors access to important information in a timely manner.
While we explicitly do not provide legal advice, we can walk you through the process of filing incorporation paperwork and pursuing your tax-exempt status. We can also develop filing and tracking systems that work for you. Our emphasis is on finding tools that are free and low-cost and work with the rhythms of your ministry. You want administration to be a simple part of your work and ministry days, not an overwhelming task that you leave until an emergency. We walk with you as you find the systems that work best for you.
We work with both new and existing organizations. Often, a church or ministry just needs some background support so that their people are free to do what they do best in their community. 


What Makes Us Different 


Church planters and those who start nonprofits put so much time and energy into understanding the neighborhood they want to reach, finding a core of leaders, fundraising… the list goes on.

If you want to take care of your church or nonprofit administrative tasks, you have a few options:

  • Find a volunteer (often a spouse) to take care of things
  • Hire someone (if you have the funds)
  • Outsource to an accounting or bookkeeping firm

Sometimes, one of theses options works out very well for the new organization. Other times, it can become very stressful or cost prohibitive. We are different because we offer highly professional services with a specialization in churches and nonprofits at a reasonable fixed cost. Also, our heart is ministry and the Kingdom of God. We see our role almost like pastors of administration. We don’t just offer a package of services, we walk you through solutions to administrative challenges that fit your ministry best. We maintain a high commitment to our clients as laborers in the Kingdom, not just clients. We see ourselves like a nest – we build a structure around visionaries that helps their eggs hatch, get strong and fly.

Volunteers are great – but often the complexity of administration can put a strain on a volunteer and the daily, weekly and monthly details that make up a strong admin support fall by the wayside. In the early stages of development for a church or nonprofit, you want your best volunteers out generating enthusiasm for your cause and reaching the people you are called to.



We are brook and dave Maturo...

Missionaries at heart. Through our 10  years with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, 2 years in San Francisco, and now serving with Underground Network in Tampa, FL, we see the need for strong administrative support for growing ministries. Through our interaction with many churches and ministries, our heart grew to build a support system that nurtures new works that further the Kingdom of God.  We enjoy blessing other ministries as well as reaching our own community. 


We are part of a larger network of missionaries.

We function as a part of the Underground Network, a network of over 140 local microchurches and 10 cities worldwide.